List Development & Cleansing

Written by: Jeff Kalter

Today’s companies run on data. We track trends, assess results and analyze feedback. Data helps us manage risk, plan for future growth and allocate resources.

Written by: Annika Widén

Do you want to rock your business-to-business telemarketing results?  If so, reading these six rock star tips could be your prelude to success.





Written by: Jeff Kalter

Many of us are addicted to the snooze button. There is nothing else on a cold winter’s morning that we savor more than a few extra minutes under the blankets. It’s only natural for us human beings to put off things we don’t want to do. And in that list of not-so-fun, easy-to-put-off tasks, one that looms large is database cleanup. But it’s also a critically important part of the lead generation and sales lead qualification process because people change positions quite often and contact data gets stale.

So how do you cut this onerous undertaking down to size and make it trouble free? 

Written by: Jeff Kalter

The challenge of business-to-business lead generation and nurturing is often made worse by self-inflicted handicaps. One such handicap is a marketing database jam packed with incorrect, redundant, or outdated contact and company information. It wreaks havoc on sales and marketing campaigns anddooms sales representatives to poor results.

The Aging Data Challenge

Customer contact information tends to age quickly. And in the last few years, the data-aging process has accelerated. Causes for inaccurate data include:

  • Increased movement within organizations
  • Widespread layoffs triggered by an anemic economy
  • Data entry errors and omissions
  • Companies going bankrupt and shutting their doors
  • Differing data standards used when aggregating data
  • Corruption in files when data is stored or transmitted
  • Mergers and acquisitions

Whatever the cause, bad data eats up time and money.