Cold Calling

Reach Key Decision-Makers with Cold Calls

You probably have a list of ideal companies that you’d like to transform into customers. But your inbound marketing initiatives aren’t attracting them.

Perhaps these decision-makers don’t have time to search for a solution to their problem, or they cannot find your company because your website isn’t ranked high enough with the search engines.

Do you need more control over your leads? The answer! You can cold call targeted decision-makers, show them how you can help, and establish your value. Over time, you will turn some of them into qualified leads, and hand these to your salespeople to convert into clients.

Let 3D2B Call Your Wish List of Customers

When 3D2B’s professional business development specialists cold call for you, you can double or triple the chances of reaching key decision-makers, setting up appointments, and closing sales. That’s because we understand the formula for cold-calling success in a corporate world that’s been barraged by phone calls and has set up strong defences.

We have proven that we can successfully:

  • Research companies and key players so we know the lay of the land before we ever pick up the phone.
  • Get around the voice-mail trap.
  • Break down the barriers, befriending gatekeepers, and building trust so they happily turn over the keys to reaching decision-makers.
  • Integrate multi-touch programs to incorporate, phone, email and social.
  • Engage decision-makers and influencers in unscripted, two-way conversations that focus on them, offer valuable information, and keep them engaged, talking, and asking for more.
  • Conquer objections and set appointments.
  • Learn something on every call – intelligence that helps to navigate the course to a sale.

Whether you need us to follow up on campaigns, generate leads, or set appointments, we can reach more prospects than you would have thought possible. We’ll add the human touch to your marketing campaign, cut days and months off your sales cycle, and turn today’s customer wish lists into tomorrow’s revenue generators.

Why 3D2B?

Whoever makes your cold calls is a reflection of you company. So you want professional inside salespeople who are educated, trained, and personable. That’s what you get with 3D2B. Our agents represent world-class clients such as Cornerstone, Google and Cohesity. And we’ll make sure they’re trained and up to speed on your products, services, market, and competition before they start a cold-calling campaign.

Also, because our reps are fluent in multiple languages, we can easily handle multinational telemarketing campaigns.

Discover the Magic of Cold Calling

You don’t need to start a time-consuming, costly internal sales campaign to reach your ideal customers. Call us at +1 813-320-0500 (US) or +39 06 978446 60 (EMEA), or contact us online to learn how you can start calling, reaching and setting appointments with them now.