Lead Qualification

Discover the true value of every prospect.

Is a prospect really interested in solving a business problem? Could someone requesting free educational material be sales ready?

You can't know the answers to any of these or other questions until you ask. Use 3D2B lead qualification services to help you discover:

  • Sales-ready leads with the budget, authority, need and timeframe to buy, and an understanding that your solution will work for them (BANT-S)
  • Names and titles of decision makers & influencers
  • Purchase interest and purchase timeline
  • Insightful background on why a prospect is looking for a solution
  • What response and information can help move the prospect to the next stage in the buying cycle
  • Who is a true prospect and who is not

Unlike other telemarketing companies, 3D2B never makes a call using a script. Every call to qualify your prospects is a relaxed, free-flowing conversation that represents your company as a
trusted resource.

Don't waste your sales time with unqualified leads or those that are not sales ready.

Contact 3D2B now and let us discover the true value of every one of your prospects.