Call Center Consulting

Create a Call Center that Achieves Outstanding Results

Creating a new call center is a monumental task. You have to consider the big picture – your strategy, vision, and goals. But you also need to dig into the details to find ways to keep costs low and productivity high; boost revenues; assure prospects and customers are treated with care; hire, develop, and retain top-talent; and much more.

And even if your call center is up and running, changing market conditions, mergers and acquisitions, company growth, and relentless changes in technology all force you to re-examine and reshape your current call center to meet today’s requirements.

Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable approaching this task with a trusted partner by your side? One who lives and breathes call centers and can guide you step by step through countless decisions? We’re ready to be your partner.

Call Center Consulting Services

Our call center services enable you to do the following with ease:

We start with your vision, mission, goals, and business model – inside sales or business development. We lay out how leads will flow through your sales cycle. Then we work with you to define clear roles and responsibilities in your organization and how staff in those roles will work as a team to maximize results.

Do you know what to look for in applicants for all the jobs in your call center? Hiring the right people is essential for your success because agents will likely be the first people to represent your brand to your prospects.

So you don’t want hiring to be a game of trial and error.

We know the secrets to hiring top-notch reps who get results. We can help you define the knowledge, education, competencies, and personalities that will be most useful in each position. We’ll give you guidance on how to:

If you’ve hired the right people, they have a hunger to succeed. You want to give them all the tools necessary to help them reach their goals. That means regular feedback on what they’re doing right, their opportunities for improvement, and their personal metrics. We’ll show you how to go about coaching so that you can consistently transform good agents into superstars.

Streamlined processes and robust systems are essential to creating a call center that runs like clockwork. They’ll assure your agents follow your established best practices, such as capturing critical information and following up on all leads in a timely fashion. We:

  • Create a High-Performing Organizational Design
  • Unlock the Secrets to Successful Hiring
  • Attract, screen, and interview the right people
  • Develop a competitive compensation package
  • Create a desirable work environment
  • Bring top-notch employees on board
  • Coaching and Development
  • Processes and Systems
  • Advise you on processes and systems for new calls centers
  • Document and optimize processes and systems that have evolved over time
  • Determine if you’ve outgrown your processes and systems, and recommend a solution that fits your needs
  • Recommend best of bread performance tools and AI solutions

Our services enable you to streamline call center efficiency and increase your return on investment.

Our proven success helping Fortune 500 and 1000 clients with business-to-business leadgeneration, lead nurturing and qualification, marketing automation and more has let us develop a formula for call center success. And we’re ready to share it with you.

Start on the Path to Remarkable Call Center Results

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