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Fill Your B2B Sales Pipeline With Leads

You’re sorting through more marketing tactics than ever before, hoping to discover the silver bullet that solves lead generation challenges forever. Meanwhile, your managers and sales teams are anxiously awaiting the results of your latest marketing campaign.

We believe there is a prescription for success.

  1. Find out the lead generation tactics that are most successful for other B2B marketing executives.
  2. Put them to work.

According to an IDG report, telemarketing is a productive lead generator, however telemarketing is not used enough. While many lead-challenged companies aren’t using the most powerful tools in the marketing toolbox, others are consistently raking in millions by using leads they’ve generated over the phone.

Lead Generation Made Easy With 3D2B’s Services

Perhaps marketers don’t use telemarketing enough because it’s not easy to hire an army of intelligent, experienced inside sales reps and set up sophisticated processes and systems to support them.

That’s why we offer lead generation services – to give you instant access to a professional team of inside sales representatives with a solid track record. And our time-tested processes and technologically-advanced systems empower them to achieve remarkable results.

They can:

Take control of your prospecting by having 3D2B make cold calls for you. It’s a straightforward way to target the specific clients you want to bring into your company’s fold. Our inside sales representatives are masters at earning gatekeepers’ trust, breaking down barriers, and reaching decision-makers. Also, they do their research, so they are prepared to engage in personal, unscripted conversations with business leaders.

We can multiply response rates to your direct mail and email campaigns by following up by phone, adding the human touch and establishing a relationship.

  • Precision Target Ideal Prospects With Cold Calls
  • Turbocharge Campaign Response With Phone Follow-Ups

Why 3D2B?

Clients, such as VMware, HERE Technologies and Centrica Business Solutions, rely on 3D2B to execute their telemarketing campaigns. We work across multiple industries, so we know how to articulate the right messaging and when.

Don’t worry if your campaign crosses geographic borders because our execution team is fluent in over 15 languages.

See what our clients are saying.

"With commitment to quality and proven results, 3D2B has been a key player in delivering exceptional business value to SAP."

– Andreas Ritz, Global Marketing Director / Demand Generation Services at SAP

“I was introduced to 3D2B through our relationship with Microsoft. The people at 3D2B are professionals. We spent a bit of time defining our goals and targets, and they immediately got to work. Their results, methods, reporting, and delivery have been nothing short of amazing. I would recommend to any firm looking to seriously increase their outreach or offer a promotional campaign to engage with 3D2B. They are the best, in my opinion, at what they offer. My experience with 3D2B has been an excellent one, and I plan to use their services again in the future.”

James Largotta, CEO at C&M Software LLC

Success Story

Learn how we generated 17,000 leads for an enterprise software company, 85% of which were accepted by their salespeople!

Start Filling Your Sales Pipeline With Leads Now

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