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Clean Your Data, Build Your Contacts, and Fatten Your Profits

Is Damaged Data Eroding Your Profits?

According to Marketing Sherpa, in just one year 25% of the data in databases goes bad. Decision makers are on the move. Companies are closing. Data entry errors happen. And when files are aggregated, data is corrupted. Whatever the cause, bad data eats up time and money.

If it’s been a year or more since you cleaned up your database, you may as well be putting 25% of your marketing dollars in the paper shredder. A clean database, on the other hand, enables you to micro-target campaigns and increase conversion with highly relevant messages. Your salespeople contact the prime prospects only, which boosts morale along with ROI.

But if database clean-up is not part of your routine, it can be a daunting task. We can save you the worry because we clean up data all the time and have developed time-tested database clean-up processes and systems. We’re ready to transform your aging database into a marketing treasure trove.

Need More Contacts?

Don’t lose any more sleep over your struggle to build your list and add decision makers to your database. We can do it for you.

Database Cleansing and List Building Services

We take the time-consuming task of finding invalid contacts and trim it down to size by using the latest technology to profile your data and assess its accuracy. Once we know the size and scope of the problem, we develop and implement a plan of attack.

We do the heavy lifting and scour all available resources – company websites, LinkedIn, email validations sites, press releases, and more – to assure your database is accurate and complete.

And once we’ve pieced together as much of the puzzle as possible, we add the essential human touch to our research phone validation. We understand that in this vast internet universe not all information will be accurate. It may even be conflicting information, so it is imperative to get the right answers by talking to the right people. We do it with respect and courtesy and get results.

All the time we’re adding key contacts, updating account information, marking companies for deletion that have closed their doors, and noting those that have merged with others.

We will identify the industry, revenue and number of employees of each company, providing you way to segment your data more precisely. This will enable you to run more targeted marketing campaigns in the future.

We will increase the number of contacts during our research; identifying key persons from specific job functions within each company that were missing.

  • Identify Invalid Database Contacts
  • Clean Up Your Target Contacts and Companies
  • Gather Intelligence
  • Build Up Your Contacts

Our Processes, Systems, and People Drive Exceptional Results

To drive efficiencies that achieve awesome results, it takes more than hard work. We’ve developed and refined processes and systems over more than a decade of cleaning up and enhancing our clients’ databases. And that’s just the starting point. We have educated, experienced research professionals who love to dig and discover the missing pieces to the puzzle. They’re trusted by world-class clients such as Centrica Business Solutions and Dropbox.

They’ll engage in natural, non-scripted conversations with those necessary to obtain the most accurate information. And because we have agents that are fluent in multiple languages, we can handle multi-country campaigns seamlessly.

Discover how we contacted 17,000 organizations in an enterprise software company’s database, unearthed 21,000 new contacts, nearly 80% of which were at director level or above, and captured email addresses for 7 out of 10 of them.

Start Cleaning or Building Your Database Today

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