Appointment Setting

Fill Your Salespeople’s Calendars with Quality Appointments

How successful would your company be if your sales people could spend most of their time sitting across the desk from decision-makers, showing how your product or service solves their problems? Your challenge is getting in the door to share a small slice of a busy executive’s time. But if you could just solve this problem, you could dramatically impact company growth.

We can help you tackle this challenge.

Appointment Setting Services

Simply outsource your appointment-setting tasks to our mature and competent team, which has mastered appointment-setting techniques. Here’s what we’ll do for you:

  • Create the campaign.
  • Assign a team that’s dedicated to the project to act as if they were part of your company.
  • Thoroughly train the business development specialists on your industry, markets, and products and provide key talking points, so they’re ready for meaningful one-on-one conversations – not word-for-word script recitations.
  • Break through barriers to reach your prospective buyers and add the human touch of a personal connection to your marketing campaign. Research shows that personal relationships are the most influential aspect of an executive’s buying decision.
  • Prepare the prospect for an in-person sales call by creating a desire to learn more about how your product or service can help.
  • Set up the appointment
  • Monitor and refine your campaign for optimal results. With every call, we learn a little more. Based on market intelligence and digging into the metrics, we discover what works and what doesn’t, then adjust our formula for increased success rates.

Free-Up Your Salespeople’s Time

Our appointment setting services free your salespeople from the time-consuming task of setting appointments and assure that they’ll have the opportunity to be in front of key decision-makers.

3D2B Gives You a Competitive Edge

Our business development specialists have a proven track record of filling sales calendars with productive appointments that transform into full-fledged sales opportunities.

We’ve been setting appointments for business-to-business companies for over a decade. Fortune 500 and 1000 clients rely on 3D2B to implement their telemarketing campaigns. We’ve worked in multiple, complex industries, so we know the right questions to ask to come up to speed quickly. And because we have agents who are fluent in a range of languages, we can help you run international campaigns. Learn more about the 3D2B difference

See what our clients are saying.

"3D2B has proven to be an effective and strategic marketing tool in identifying and qualifying new business opportunities for our In-Direct Channel." – Marie-Jeanne Dougados, Regional Marketing Manager, Southern Europe at LANDesk

If you want to learn more about our results, we can set up a pilot program so you can experience them yourself.

Start Scheduling Lucrative Sales Appointments Now

There’s no need to start a time-consuming, costly internal sales campaign to set sales appointments, or to leave it up to your salespeople. Call us at +1 813-320-0500 (US) or +39 06 978446 60 (EMEA), or contact us online to learn how you can start scheduling appointments for your salespeople now.