Data Services & List Management

Get Rich, Flawless Data for the Best Campaign Results

Is your business suffering from any of these problems?

  • Your salespeople are wasting time because of duplicate data.
  • You’re losing data when files are merged.
  • You have email addresses with no corresponding phone numbers or physical addresses.
  • You have accounts in your database with no demographic data, such as sales volume or NAICS Codes, making accurate targeting impossible.
  • Your information technology department doesn’t have time to make sure your data is flawless before you launch your next campaign.

If you’re faced with any of these challenges, take advantage of our data and list management services. They enable you to launch campaigns with confidence, efficiently targeting the right people, with all the critical information at your fingertips.

Data and List Management Services

Use our advanced processes and systems – refined over the past decade while working with Fortune 500 and 1000 clients – to build, manage, and enhance your data. You’ll be able to:

  • Save time
  • Meet your campaign-launch deadlines
  • Gain the competitive edge that comes with accurate data
  • Create powerful, personalized campaigns

Services include:

We use advanced techniques to match and merge data which average over a 90% match rate. We can combine your marketing and sales databases, trade show leads, purchased databases, and more. We’ll fill in the information gaps with the latest data. And even if the datasets are from multiple systems, we’ll create a path that enables the data to flow efficiently into a treasure trove of information.

Of course, you don’t want duplicates, so we’ll combine the best information and then eliminate duplicate contacts.

We’ll format the data consistently so it’s in perfect shape and ready for us to append contact and demographic information from external sources. You’ll be able to reach contacts by phone, email, or mail; micro-segment your list to craft the most relevant campaigns; and prioritize who to call first.

Once you have a complete picture of your data, we can prioritize your contacts so you can approach them more scientifically. First, we profile your customer database to analyse their NAICS Codes, revenue levels, number of employees, and more. Then we segment your database, prioritizing contacts that most closely resemble your current customers, but also creating new segments to test.

We test, measure, and refine our approach, so you can work in a target-rich environment.

  • Match and Merge
  • Eliminate Duplicate Data
  • Append Data
  • Segment and Prioritize Your Data to Maximize Results

We’ll not only get your database in peak form; we’ll host it, maintain it, and add new data as we receive it. Also, find out how we can add intelligence to your database through our list-building services.

Build a Rock Solid Database Today

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