Live Chat Management

Drive Engagement with Live Chat

You’re attracting web visitors but don’t know how to increase online engagement. Prospects are arriving to your website, but many are not requesting contact or additional information.

Introduce Live Chat to your website and the experienced team at 3D2B will integrate it into its customized Response Management Services. Don’t leave prospects to looking for answers, increasing your customer experience and generating more qualified leads with Live Chat.

Increase Customer Experience with Live Chat Management Services

Integrating Live Chat with response management will drive more qualified leads.
Our Live Chat Management Services include:

  • Working with your Marketing and Sales teams to build out an answer set for most common questions
  • Build a workflow to drive qualified prospects from Live Chat to a live phone conversation
  • Develop pre-qualification questions that help us determine if the person is a relevant contact from a relevant company
  • Integrate an opt-in process to build the marketing database
  • Create a workflow that enables the team to effectively manage the Live Chat while responding to online requests and inbound leads.

Using our services, you’ll be able to increase your customer and prospect online experience while qualifying more leads. This integrated approach makes lead generation more effective and lead qualification quicker.

Why 3D2B?

We’ll assign a team of educated, experienced, sales professionals to your program and train them on your solutions, company, industry, markets, and competition. When they engage with a prospect or customer, they’ll engage in professional conversation, answering their questions and determining if the person is a viable sales prospect.
Our professionals are trusted by world-class clients, such as Nutanix, General Electric, and Fuji Film, to make it happen. And because we have agents fluent in multiple languages, we can seamlessly deliver multi-country campaigns.

Integrate Live Chat Today and Generate More Leads

Call us at +1 813-320-0500 (US) or +39 06 978446 60 (EMEA), or contact us online to learn how you can generate leads faster and pass more qualified leads to your sales team.