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Manage Your Leads for Higher Close Rates

Do you know the path that your leads travel through your sales funnel? If not, there’s a risk that your hard-earned leads will get lost, and you’ll be sucked into the all too common business-to-business marketing quicksand - focusing endlessly on filling the top of the sales funnel with leads (or at least inquiries) and never realizing sales results.

By implementing a sound lead management solution, which defines how you’ll work with leads from creation to close, as well as managing the leads through each stage to ensure that there are no human errors or latency. You’ll be able to increase your return on investment for your lead generation activities, shrink the length of your sales cycle and convert more leads to sales.

Lead Management Supercharges Your Sales Funnel

Based on our years of experience working with and aligning sales and marketing teams, we’ll help you maximize the sales results from your leads. For more than a decade, 3D2B has perfected our lead management practices. We assist you and your team by:

  • Prescribing steps to acquire leads, educate them and build interest
  • Creating a shared sales and marketing definition of “qualified” leads, also known as a universal lead definition
  • Determining how you should match up your sales cycle to your prospect’s buying cycle
  • Setting up lead-filtering rules, the criteria for scoring, prioritizing and disqualifying your leads, which assure that you predictably deliver the hottest prospects to your salespeople
  • Outlining the data to be included in qualified leads as well as how they will be routed to salespeople, partners, dealers and distributors
  • Set timeframes for each step in the sales process that requires actions
  • Defining how “not ready yet” leads will be nurtured until they are ready to buy
  • Deciding how leads will be tracked, measured, and reported so you can turn up your success rates

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