Channel Development

Reach New Markets with Channel Partners

In today’s market, your sales force alone cannot drive the ambitious sales growth goals you’reseeking. You need channel partners to reach new markets. But unless you have a team focused single-mindedly on the task, it has a way of falling off the radar. The result? Disappointment.

But partner programs are now easier than ever. That’s because you can use our services to develop a new channel-partner program, or expand and manage an existing one.

3D2B’s Channel-Partner Success Services

Our program wraps everything you need for channel-partner success into one package. We can do the following for you.

At this very minute, you could be missing opportunities. Where are they? We’ll conduct a full analysis to uncover:

We will work with you to define the characteristics of channel partners that are naturally positioned to profit from selling your products or solutions and that will take the ball and run with it.

How? We look at your current partners’ key performance indicators – sales, growth, profitability, and anything else you feel equates to success. We find the top performers, define their attributes, and reverse-engineer them to create the perfect partner profile. Now you can surgically target the right partners to recruit …and those with whom you should end your relationship.

After recruiting your ideal partners, it’s not the end of the game. It’s just the beginning. Now it’s time to nurture the relationship and provide the support it needs to drive sales.

If you’re providing leads to your partners, we’ll transfer those leads, manage their sales pipelines, track activity, and ensure they act on all qualified leads. If your company doesn’t have the resources to provide leads, we’ll provide lead generation and lead qualification services to support your partners.

  • Analyze Your Channels and Partners to Uncover Opportunities

    We’ll find cities, states, regions and countries that you’re not tapping into … and should be.

    We’ll discover if you have partners that are weighing down your success rates. We’ll review how quickly partners act on qualified leads and the results they achieve. And you’ll receive a performance review jam-packed with specific metrics that enable you to focus on the best and weed out the rest.

  • Geographic Areas Rich With Sales Potential
  • Channel Partner Performance
  • Create Profile of Your Top-Performing Partners
  • Recruit Ideal Channel Partners
  • Call prospects, acting as an extension of your company. This adds the essential human touch to your recruitment program
  • Learn where business leaders are coming from and see how a partnership with your company could help them
  • Pass their information on to you if they are interested and meet your criteria
  • Help seal the deal when you’re ready to move forward
  • Nurture Your Partnerships and Build Loyalty

Add Channel Partner Managers to Your Team – Instantly

Working with 3D2B is like having your own team of expert channel partner managers. These educated, experienced sales professionals work exclusively with you and your channel partners to achieve your sales goals.

They’re trusted by world-class companies, such as clients Akamai, SUSE, Microsoft, and Unify Square. And they’re thoroughly trained on your market, products and services before they pick up the phone. Need partners that cross borders? Our team of channel partner managers speak multiple languages and are ready to go.

Start Your Channel Partner Program Today

There’s no need to hire an internal team to develop and manage your channel partners. Call us at +1 813-320-0500 (US) or +39 06 978446 60 (EMEA), or contact us online to learn how you can create or reinvigorate your channel partner program today.