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Your Essential Guide to B2B Appointment Setting

The Essential Guide to B2B Appointment Setting

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Learn how to use the human touch to set appointments with prospects who are ready to buy, using a step-by-step appointment setting formula. This approach is proven to fill sales representatives’ calendars with the quality appointments needed to increase sales.



Telemarketing Execution: In-House or Outsource?

How to evaluate the costs and ROI of in-house and outsourced telemarketing.

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Discover detailed comparisons of in-house versus outsourced telemarketing, including advantages and disadvantages, line-item costs, performance metrics, and return on investment.



The Complete Guide to Calculating and Maximizing Event ROI

The Complete Guide to Calculating and Maximizing Event ROI


How to measure, analyze and maximize event ROI.

Find out how to build a convincing business case and attain the budget you need for your event and add telemarketing to your event marketing program for remarkable results.



Five Secrets to Hiring a B2B Telemarketing Agency

How to identify B2B telemarketing agencies that command results


Not all telemarketing agencies are created equal.

Find out how to identify effective B2B telemarketing agencies that generate leads and improve sales support.




Boost Event Effectiveness With B2B Telemarketing

How telemarketing increases event attendance and improves follow-up


In today's digital age, events are a crucial piece of the marketing puzzle.

Find out how B2B telemarketing can boost attendance, improve follow-up, and increase the overall success of in-person and virtual events.




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