Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Infiltrate Targeted Companies with Account Based Marketing

You may know who the biggest companies are that can purchase your products or solutions, but do you know how to get in the door?
Perhaps you have the name of one decision-maker in the company. Do you put all your eggs in one basket, hoping that that person will drive the message through the organization? The answer should be NO!
Drive your message to all relevant department decision makers and influencers with the appropriate messages in a personalized way.

Let 3D2B Target Your Must Have Customers

When 3D2B’s professional inside sales teams engage in ABM, they work together with your marketing and field sales teams to align messaging, tactics, and learnings. You may have multiple solutions that are relevant to different departments or one solution that impacts multiple departments, each in a different way. Messaging needs to be customized to the working environment and needs of each department and for each role. Messaging for functionality will resonate very differently from massaging regarding cost savings. You can double or triple your top line revenue while building long term relationships that expand across large enterprises. That is because we make sure the right message gets to the right person at the right time.
We have proven that we can successfully:

  • Research companies and key players so we know the lay of the land before we ever pick up the phone.
  • Map the enterprise structure of each ABM target account.
  • Build bridge with sales and marketing teams to enable everyone to work on one team towards one goal.
  • Integrate multi-touch programs to incorporate, phone, email and social.
  • Engage multiple decision-makers and influencers enterprise wide in unscripted, two-way conversations that focus on them, offer valuable information, and keep them engaged, talking, and asking for more.
  • Conquer objections and set appointments.
  • Learn something on every interaction – intelligence that helps to navigate the course to multiple sales.

Whether you need us to map enterprises, generate cross-departmental leads, or set appointments with influencers, evaluators, or decision makers, we can reach more prospects than you would have thought possible. We’ll add the human touch to your ABM campaigns, increase your lifetime revenue (LTR) per customer, and turn today’s customer wish lists into tomorrow’s revenue generators.

Why 3D2B?

You want to seamlessly integrate ABM with your marketing and sales. You want professional inside salespeople who are educated, trained, and personable. That’s what you get with 3D2B. Our agents represent world-class clients such as Qlik and Dropbox. And we’ll make sure they’re trained and up to speed on your products, services, market, and competition before they start any ABM campaign.
Also, because our teams are fluent in multiple languages, we can easily handle multinational ABM campaigns.

Discover the Magic of ABM

You don’t need to build everything from the ground up. Call us at +1 813-320-0500 (US) or +39 06 978446 60 (EMEA), or contact us online to learn how you can start building and rolling out your ABM programs now.