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Case Studies

PanoramicPWR CSLearn how 3D2B reached 130% target achievement with sales-ready opportunities, and developed a solid nurture pipeline to continue driving new business.


Here CSLearn how 3D2B handled over 11,000 inbound leads in less than six months, generating over 300 qualified sales appointments! 


SML World-Leader-in-Enterprise-Software-Expands-New-Market-Segments-913-1

Discover how a world leader in enterprise software partnered with 3D2B to unearth leads in a new market. 3D2B’s lead-generation and nurturing initiatives produced 17,000 leads, of which an amazing 85% met the sales team’s high standards. 




SML Enterprise-Software-Company-Improves-Marketing-913-1

An enterprise software company’s marketing database was filled with incorrect, redundant, and outdated contact information and the company was achieving subpar results on its sales and marketing campaigns. In the process of verifying and updating data, 3D2B went the extra mile and discovered 21,000 new contacts, of which 78% were at the director level or above.




SML Multinational-Software-Company-Rebuilds-Reputation-913-1

After a multinational software company’s brand had been damaged due to organizational upheaval, which was spurred by being acquired by a larger organization and then spun off, it turned to 3D2B for help in rebuilding its brand. 3D2B not only gained intelligence that enabled the company to reposition the brand for success, but also developed a solid list of leads to boost sales.




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