Account Profiling

Develop a Winning Sales Strategy with Account Profiling

Are you selling a high-priced, complex product or service in a business-to-business environment?

If so, you’re probably up against the challenge of selling to multiple decision-makers within a company, each with a different stake in the buying decision. Together, they could take months to decide which direction to go. In the process, they erect unexpected barriers that stall the sale. That’s why we believe in account profiling.

Gain the Competitive Edge With 3D2B’s Account Profiling Services

Our account profiling services can reveal your best opportunities, as well as secrets that provide a competitive advantage when marketing to your target accounts. We put a team of expert account profilers on the phone to make as many calls as required to your clients and prospects. If necessary, they also research secondary information to discover the missing pieces of the puzzle.

You’ll get a map that shows you how to navigate the decision-making maze successfully. It includes:

  • Up-to-date account information
  • The people involved in decision-making, their roles, and who you should call first
  • The competitors that are knocking at their door, also how to differentiate your product or service
  • How to craft a message that compels prospects to listen
  • The steps you should take to shorten your sales cycle
  • Insights to help you close the sale
  • Possibilities for up-selling and cross-selling that promise to boost your average sale
  • The problems prospects are confronting or opportunities they want to exploit.

The end result is that you gain the market intelligence you need to reach out to the right people at the right companies, and at the right time.

For example, we worked with an enterprise software company that needed help correcting information and filling in the gaps in their database of 17,500 organizations. We reached 16,000 of these organizations by phone and discovered 11,000 invalid contacts. But we didn’t stop there. We discovered and added 21,000 new contacts, 78% of them at director-level and above! And we captured email addresses for 7 out of 10 new contacts, making it easy to reach them through multiple channels.

Talented Account Profilers Get Answers for You

Only talented, educated, and experienced interviewers know how to ask the right questions and get to the heart of what matters to your customers and prospects. They are curious and have a passion for understanding the big picture. That’s who we have on board, people who are trusted by world-class clients such as ATS, TechData, and SAP.

Profile Your Accounts Now and Develop a Winning Sales Strategy

It’s time to solve the mystery of your account profiles and develop a strategy that wins sales. Call us at +1 813-320-0500 (US) or +39 06 978446 60 (EMEA), or contact us online to learn how we can help you with