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Marketing Automation: A Powerful Way to Capture and Nurture Leads

Marketing automation offers tremendous promise to B2B marketers like you. Imagine being able to capture leads with a mouse click, segment your database, and nurture leads with relevant content. This personalized marketing builds trust and engagement, and paves the way to sales.

However, the word “automated” misleads marketers into thinking there’s no work involved. When marketing automation is set up correctly, it conquers repetitive marketing tasks and captures juicy tidbits of information about leads and campaigns. It cannot, however, do all the heavy lifting. But we can. So put us to work.

Rock Your Sales With Our Marketing Automation Services

Our marketing automation services keep prospects engaged with your company until they’re transformed into qualified, sales-ready leads.

  • Create a Flawless Process and Automate It
  • Before you can automate your marketing, you need a map of the emails, phone calls, and content you’ll offer to leads. Everything you do is based on your leads’ actions, for example, whether they sign up for white papers or webinars, or click through email-links and engage in website content. We’ll help plot a course for successful lead capture and nurturing.

  • Feed Your Marketing Machine With Awesome Content
  • Your marketing automation machine is fueled by the right content at the right time. It attracts web visitors, creates awareness, answers their questions, and moves leads through the buying cycle smoothly until they’re ready to sit face-to-face with your sales people.

    You can’t delegate content production to a machine because it requires creative input. But you can delegate it to us. We can do the following for you:

    • Research your audience members, learn what makes them tick, and find out the questions they’re asking and the content they desire.
    • Create an editorial plan.
    • Assign one of our expert business-to-business writers to your account, who will interview you, dig for supporting research, and produce irresistible content that keeps your marketing machine on overdrive.
  • Capture More Leads
  • To lock down new leads, you need inviting landing pages that convert. We design clean landing pages with strong calls-to-action, easy-to-complete forms, and copy that answers the question, “what’s in it for me?”

  • Nurture Leads With Email Marketing Until They’re Sales-Ready
  • Half your leads aren’t ready to buy when they first sign up for your white paper, webinar, or other content. So we nurture them with emails that answer their questions. Once leads convert to customers, we automatically set them on a different track to bolster loyalty and spur additional sales.

  • Manage Your Database
  • We can host and manage your database – all the pertinent data about your contacts, including how they’ve interacted with your company. And we can slice and dice the data into micro-targeted segments for customized campaigns based on interests and actions.

  • Prioritize Your Leads With Lead Scoring
  • All leads are not created equal. Some have more potential to buy based on their company size, industry, and other demographic factors. Some are further along in the buying cycle. Marketing automation makes it easy to score your leads and prioritize those with the greatest promise.

  • Track Individual Web Visitors for Deeper Insight

    You’ll gain personalized insight into how each of your visitors is interacting with your website. What pages are they looking at? How long are they staying on your site? We use this information to assign lead scores and trigger the next event in the nurture cycle – whether it’s sending an email or reaching out with a phone call to add the human touch.

  • Integrate Marketing Automation With Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • We’ll integrate your marketing automation with your CRM system. This enables your marketing leads to cross over to your CRM system when they’re qualified for sales, then return to your marketing automation system, if necessary, for further nurturing.

  • Maximize Results From Web Events
  • We’ll maximize results from your web events by automating invitations, reminders, and more. Then we’ll follow up with messages relevant to specific market niches based on the webinars in which they’ve participated. And all the information will be stored so you can recreate the webinar event at any time to attract and nurture even more leads.

  • Evaluate and Refine Campaigns With Awesome Analytics
  • There’s nothing better than knowing what’s working and what’s not. It enables you to adjust and optimize campaigns immediately when you spot trends. Discover which lists, landing pages, emails, webinars, and more are producing results. Monitor, optimize, and continually improve your conversion rates.

Marketing Automation Has Never Been Easier

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