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What Your Optometrist Can Teach You About Email Marketing
A/B Testing for Eyes and Email If you’re experimenting with email marketing for customer acquisition, you might ask your optometrist how to improve your success. You’ve probably stared at an eye chart with big letters at the top and microscopic ones at the bottom, and read down until the letters blurred. If you don’t have 20/20 vision, the optometrist subjects you to a series of tests, putting several lenses in front of your eyes, and asking you how far down the chart you can read with each one. Then, he or she fine tunes your prescription by flipping from one lens to the next, asking “is it clearer with this one or that one?” The doctor gains a little more information about your eyes with each test, and discovers the best prescription to help you see more clearly. Essentially the optometrist is performing A/B testing to determine the optimal lenses…