How to Quit Hitting the Snooze Button On Database Cleanup

How to Quit Hitting the Snooze Button On Database Cleanup

Weave it Into Your Routine

One way to minimize the task is to make database accuracy a habit. Just as you could make it a habit to leap out of bed every morning as the alarm clock sounds, you can establish a routine of verifying contact data every time you email or phone someone.

Also, in order to make it easier to extract the “oldest” data when performing database cleanup, make sure you include a field in your database where you can add the last-confirmed-date on each contact.

Put It On the Calendar

Just like it’s easier to clean your home when you have a regular schedule rather than digging through debris that’s piled up over the years, the same is true of your database. So the first step is to create a schedule where you commit to database cleanup every 3 to 6 months.

Tackle it in Two Steps

  1. Database and Online Research
  2. Start with online and offline research. You’ll find a treasure trove of data when you dig into LinkedIn, company websites, email validation sites, online searches, press releases and more. Add relevant data into your database. Realize, however, that information on the Web is not always the latest and greatest—it’s just one piece of the puzzle.

  3. Pick Up the Phone
  4. Take your database of contacts and use all the data, even if it’s obsolete, to update the information by phone.

    While defunct data won’t lead you directly to decision-makers you’re trying to reach, it’s a stepping stone along the way. It proves to whomever you reach—receptionist or upper-level manager—that you have a relationship with the company. If you already have a name, even if that person left the company, a company associate is far more likely to tell you who is now filling their shoes. The same is true if you know a specific title, but not the name to go with it.

    Do it all with respect. Your time is valuable. The same is true of those you make contact with at your target companies. The receptionist may have phones ringing off the hook. If so, she or he doesn’t have time to help you. That doesn’t mean they’re not willing to assist you in filling in the blanks in your database. So ask them if you can schedule a callback. And, of course, thank them for their time and help.

Add database cleanup to your lead generation and sales lead qualification process and you’ll reap the rewards.

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