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Lead Management

6 Signs B2B Lead Management Could Boost Your Sales Results
A lead management system lays out your standard practices for working with leads efficiently and effectively. It outlines how to create leads and transform them into sales. So how do you know whether you need lead management? If you see any of these six signs in your company, you have an opportunity to boost results by implementing a lead management process or strengthening an existing one.

New Year’s Resolutions for B2B Lead Generation

Written by Wednesday, 28 January 2015 00:00
New Year’s Resolutions for B2B Lead Generation
Here are a few B2B lead generation New Year’s resolutions that will get you off on the right foot for 2015.
What Dating Can Teach You About Sales Lead Qualification
Sales lead qualification in the B2B world is like dating—you learn more about each other over time, deepening your relationship and, when all goes well, you progress seamlessly from introduction to marriage or first-time lead to closed sale. To be successful, you need to know when to commit more resources to the relationship and when to pull back and provide more space. The Introduction If Sally is introduced to Mark at a party, she might be happy to engage in a little small talk, but a marriage proposal would send her running. Or vice versa. Too much too soon can kill a relationship….in both business and love.
How to Fix Your Sales Pipeline Leak to Avoid Sales Leads Generation Losses
Every day, marketing people across the globe are working industriously to acquire leads. Perhaps they offer a white paper on their website which generates sales leads. The leads flow into your marketing pipeline, your marketing department scores them, and then directs those with the highest scores to your sales people, expecting them to transform into revenue.