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How to Calculate and Maximize B2B Event ROI

Written by Monday, 07 July 2014 00:00
How to Calculate and Maximize B2B Event ROI
The Danger of Data-Deprived Decisions for Event Marketing Picture this. It’s the late 90s. A friend comes up to a wealthy businessman, John, at a summer barbeque, smiling broadly. He has started a new business. It’s a search engine that helps people to find what they need on the Internet. He’s just registered a crazy name for it, Google, tells John it’s going to make a lot of money and asks if he’ll invest $100,000 in it. The friend doesn’t tell John how he plans to spend the money, how this Google thing is going to generate a profit or how much money John could potentially make. John apologetically tells his friend that he cannot offer his support, not knowing he’s missing out on a money-making opportunity. While this story of loss is fictional, it illustrates data-deprived decision-making which is what is happening to many B2B events today. Marketing and…

10 Tips to Drive Webinar Attendance

Written by Tuesday, 22 April 2014 00:00
10 Tips to Drive Webinar Attendance
On average, only about 30% of webinar registrants attend, but strategic event recruitment can increase attendance rates to 65%, doubling conversion rates and ROI. The tips below will help your webinar approach (or exceed!) that 65% attendance target.
Boost Trade Show ROI and Maximize B2B Lead Generation with Post-Event Follow Up
Does Your Trade-Show Follow-Up Suffer These Symptoms? B2B sales and marketing managers spend plenty of time preparing for tradeshows – developing new products, the booth design and construction, and creating and printing up literature. But often they fail to do the one thing that could more than double or triple their return on investment:
Pre-Event Planning that Accelerates Your B2B Lead Generation Return
In the run up to a trade show or event, managers typically focus on creating an attractive booth, glossy literature, and the presentation and catering. After all, that's where the big money goes. But to increase your return on investment substantially and maximize B2B lead generation, you need an integrated marketing approach that includes a dose of pre-planning.