Boost Trade Show ROI and Maximize B2B Lead Generation with Post-Event Follow Up

Boost Trade Show ROI and Maximize B2B Lead Generation with Post-Event Follow Up


Follow up on B2B lead generation.

Or if they do follow up, it’s a scattered, ineffective process that suffers due to one or all of the following issues:

1. Quick Judgment of Sales People

Statistics say sales people do not follow up on 70-80% of leads—when they find a couple of tepid leads in the mix they discard them all.

2. Lack of a Systematic Process

Some companies don’t take the time to log their leads in a CRM system so they can systematize the follow-up process and track B2B lead generation.

3. Resource Starved

Companies run by a lean staff add the lead follow up to the to-do list an administrator or a temporary worker.  The administrator is already juggling a multitude of tasks, and neither is trained in best practices for telemarketing.  As soon as they meet resistance, the call is over, and it’s likely that valuable information for future follow up is lost.

Your 7-Step Prescription to Transform Leads into Sales

Prior to the show you need to plan your follow up. This enables you to collect the information you need at the show and have marketing materials ready so you can contact your leads in a timely fashion. Be ready to take these steps

1. Plan Your Questions

You want to profile tradeshow prospects to the products and services you offer. So ask questions at the show to learn what they are interested in and whether there are future opportunities for them.

2. Take Notes

Create lead forms that are easy for salespeople to complete. If not, at least take notes on the back of their business card that provide the information you need to connect personally with prospects after the show.

3. Prioritize Your Leads

After you talk to a prospect in your booth, classify them as either a hot, medium, or just-stopped-by-for-the-free-candy lead.  This helps prioritize the follow up.

4. Map Out Your Touch Points

Plan your marketing follow-up tactics. Are you going to use direct mail, email or phone calls, or a mix of all of the above? Are you going to offer an e-book or white paper?  All the content required should be in the works prior to the show.

5. Make it Personal

If you’re following up with e-mails, create a template that enables you to respond quickly, but leave areas open for personalization.  Refer back to your notes and say, for instance, “you mentioned (blank) at the show. Our (blank) service can help you….” 

6. Do it Fast

Research shows that 35-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first. So how quickly do you need to respond? As soon as possible. Perhaps you have downtime the day after the show. Put it to work—call a hot prospect and place your company ahead of the competition.

7. Follow Up on the Follow Up

It takes time.  Not everyone is ready to buy today.  So have a plan to stay in touch with lukewarm leads.  Maybe it’s a drip campaign or simply signing them up for a monthly newsletter so you keep your company top of mind. The key is to know what you plan to do in 3 and 6 months and not leaving it up to chance.

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