6 Tips for Rock Star Business-to-Business Telemarketing

6 Tips for Rock Star Business-to-Business Telemarketing
  1. Strike a Chord With the Right People
  2. Just as music that resonates starts with striking the right notes, a successful telemarketing program begins with calling the right people. If you take the time to clean up outdated contacts and companies in your database and gather intelligence, you can orchestrate a more efficient, effective telemarketing campaign. That’s because you won’t be wasting your time calling the wrong people, or, even worse, wasting their time.  

  3. Stay in the Rhythm
  4. Everyone you call has a different rhythm based on their personality and the challenges they are facing at that particular moment. One time-strapped executive talks fast and furiously. Another is a laid-back listener, willing to stay on the phone for twenty minutes or so. Your job is to sense their rhythms and go with the flow—AC/DC for the fast talker and Simon and Garfunkle for the easy-going person. 

    Make sure each person you talk with is comfortable with the ebb and flow of the conversation, and that you give them the time they deserve.

  5. Mix It Up
  6. The deep tones of the bass and the rich notes of the saxophone add dimension to a rock song. And the harmonica’s notes may be the essential finishing touch.

    Just as you need a mix of instruments to create memorable melodies, you need to talk with a variety of contacts at your target accounts to orchestrate a campaign that gets results. No one person is more important than the other. The gatekeeper can give you the entrée to the organization. The technicians and lower level managers may have more time to talk with you, and fill you in on the problems that the company is facing. Each conversation you have with company associates helps to build your knowledge so that when you reach the decision-maker you’re prepared to show them how your company can help.

  7. Practice Makes Perfect
  8. Rock stars practice, practice and practice. And for successful business-to-business telemarketing calls you need to do your homework too. That means conducting research so you know who you’re calling before you pick up the phone. Simply reviewing a company’s website can help you to understand what their organization does, so you have a framework within which to discuss their problems and identify opportunities.

  9. Listen and Respond
  10. When a band plays together, they listen to each other to make sure they stay in sync. You need to listen too when you talk with prospects. That way you’ll learn about their problems and be able to craft solutions that make their lives easier and businesses more profitable.

  11. You’re a Rock Star Too
  12. When someone is considered a “rock star,” you tend to think of them as shining above you. And many of us put business executives in the same category. But when you call them, you need to realize that you’re as important as they are. You have valuable information about solutions that can solve their problems. So, reach out to them with confidence and they’ll thank you.

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