Is Your Teleservices Department Leaving Money on the Table?

Is Your Teleservices Department Leaving Money on the Table?

The Deception of Direct Costs

When you look at direct costs, you’ll likely see that internal staff cost less per hour than outsourced teleservices. But the hourly cost of agents is just the tip of the iceberg.

Those agents need space that’s comfortably heated or air conditioned. They need workstations, computers, and, of course, phones. Also, to assure remarkable results, you’ll want to support them with the latest marketing automation and customer relationship management systems.

And those agents aren’t just going to materialize. You have to recruit, interview, hire, train, motivate and retain them. It isn’t easy to recruit the right B2B telesales agents—the ones who get results and remain loyal. That’s because when you’re selling a complex product that requires a consultative sale, you need educated agents who know how to listen and solve problems.

In addition, you need someone to manage the department, and set up the processes and systems so it runs like clockwork, generating qualified leads and nurture relationships with clients.

Ramping Up Takes Time and Expertise

It may seem simple to set up a group of people and put them on the phone to call your prospects and clients. But there’s a learning curve to hiring, training, managing, and keeping agents positive even when they face rejection; setting up strategic campaigns; measuring results and refining tactics.

Outsourcing is Quicker and More Profitable

When you outsource your B2B teleservices, and pick the right company as your partner, you get up and running quickly.

By finding a company that specializes in B2B teleservices, you can leverage their knowledge of teleservices and best practices in your industry. They already have educated, intelligent agents who can converse peer-to-peer with business managers. The company’s leadership knows how to train them, and the agents know the right questions to ask to come up to speed quickly on new products and solutions.

The right company will offer you dedicated agents who work only on your company’s campaign. Essentially, they become an extension of your organization. They are so steeped in your offering that it’s easy for them to have free flowing conversations with your prospects and clients.

And because processes and systems are already in place, you’ll get real-time reporting immediately. As your partner works to fulfill the objectives you’ve defined together, you’ll receive real-time reporting that shows you their progress, enables you to ask questions, and oversee their efforts as they refine your campaigns and accelerate your results.

So if you’re not outsourcing your teleservices, you are probably leaving money on the table—in the form of increased costs or lukewarm results. Let the experts do the work—whether it’s lead generation, lead nurturing, lead qualification, appointment setting, response management, win/loss analysis, list development, or something else.

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