What Your Optometrist Can Teach You About Email Marketing

What Your Optometrist Can Teach You About Email Marketing

Test, measure, and optimize with A/B testing. It’s called A/B testing because you’re testing one variable at a time (A or B?) to determine which achieves the best results.

What to Test

There are a lot of variables to emails that you need to test. Since you can’t conquer them all at once, you need to think through each of your goals.

  • Open Rates
  • Nothing is going to happen with your email campaign unless the email is delivered and opened. You can ensure email delivery by going with a reputable service provider, such as Aweber, iContact or Constant Contact. Also, you’ll want to stay away from "spam" words in your subject lines

    Let’s assume the email dances through the filters and arrives in your prospect’s email in box. Now she’s quickly deleting emails so she can get to the ones that really matter. She glances at who the email is "From" and scans the "Subject."

    You should test both, but start with the subject line, which will likely have the greatest impact. Simply draft a few subject lines that appear to be compelling. Take your email list and split it into two groups. Use one subject line for one group and one for the other. Once you discover which subject line gets the most opens, it becomes your control. If you have more subject lines to test, test it against that one.

    Another variable that affects open rates is not what the reader sees, but when they see it. Test which day of the week works best and also time of day. It will vary depending on your target market. For some it may be early in the day, before the executive gets tied up in meetings, for others lunch time might work best while your prospects are grabbing a bite to eat at their desks.  When you look at your test, of course, factor in different time zones.

  • Click Throughs

    The next job is to inspire your email readers to click through to your website. You’ll want to measure the percentages of those who opened the email clicked through to your website or landing page. Click throughs are affected by compelling calls to action, overall messaging, appealing graphics—colors and layouts. Over time you’ll want to complete tests in all these areas.

The number of tests you can do depends on the size of your list and how much you can slice and dice it to send email variants. But the more you test, measure, and optimize, the more likely you are to create a clear picture of the path to successful lead qualification and customer acquisition.

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