Business-to-Business Telemarketing: Dump the Script and Get Results

Business-to-Business Telemarketing: Dump the Script and Get Results

Because reading a script makes it hard to listen to the person you’ve called and respond intelligently. It leads to a pre-programmed, robotic conversation.

Guidelines, Questions and LISTENING

You need to get rid of the script, but that doesn’t mean you’re completely alone. Your path to success includes call guidelines and questions to help you meet your objectives. For example, your guidelines and questions for lead-nurturing calls will differ from those for appointment-booking calls.

Then, the key is to LISTEN to your prospect’s answers and let them be your conversational guide posts. Listening enables you to tailor what you say to the prospect or customer’s needs…walking in the right direction.

What Questions Should You Ask?

If you’ve ever made a large purchase, personally or for business, you can probably appreciate how rewarding it is to find a sales person who truly tries to understand your needs and helps you to find what you want.

For example, if you were buying a house, would you prefer to talk with a realtor who shows you all the houses in the market in an area, or one who hones in on what you want? They ask if you have children, their ages, how you like to spend your time, whether you like a quiet or vibrant neighborhood, your price range, if you prefer contemporary or traditional styling and more. It’s all about you, and because they dig deep to discover your needs, you turn to them as an adviser, no longer seeing them as a sales person.

Think about this when you develop questions. If you’re selling products, services or solutions, you need to ask, for example, the following questions: 

  • What product or service are you using now to address this issue?
  • How long have you been using this product or service?
  • How is it working for you?
  • Do you plan to make a change? If so when?
  • What is it that you are looking for in the ideal solution?

Make sure you gain specific details that can help recommend a solution. Only after you thoroughly understand the prospect’s situation and the problem they are trying to solve should you introduce a potential solution to the problem. This understanding enables you to choose the right product or service to meet the prospect’s needs and let him or her know exactly how it will help, so you and your prospect reach the final destination successfully.

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