Call Center Apps that Boost Productivity and Performance

Call Center Apps that Boost  Productivity and Performance



  • PowerDialer — Increase Call Efficiency

With PowerDialer, you can tee up a lead list prioritized based on your parameters and route the hottest prospects to your reps first. With one click, the salesperson can populate the record in Salesforce and dial the phone. Thus, it eliminates the tedious work of punching in the phone numbers and the downtime between calls, making it possible to contact more prospects every day. And, of course, more calls equals more sales.

There are a few other features that boost efficiency. These include:

  • Local Dialing

It enables you to dial using area codes that are local to the customer. It’s proven that call recipients are more likely to pick up the phone when they see a familiar local area code.

  • Call Backs

You can set times to call back anyone based on conversations you have with them and the steps outlined in your sales process. For example, after you’ve completed the initial pitch and discovered the prospect is interested, you can set a time to follow up with a demo.

  • Analytics

Analytics enable you to keep track of the best times to call, monitor the amount of time spent on the phone versus idle time and much more.

  • Call Recording

This tool gives you the ability to record calls and save those conversations to the record so that you can review them later.

With PowerDialer you can rapidly call your lists, whether trade show attendees or inbound leads from webinar attendance or those from downloading a white paper.  Also, the analytics enable you to organize time better and work with individual reps to help them get more done every day.

  • Natterbox Complete Phone System

You can manage the Natterbox phone system entirely from within Salesforce. It includes some standard features such as call routing, call transfer, caller ID and voice mail.

Also, it provides customer insights that enable users to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales process. Because it is well integrated into Salesforce, the analytics are exceptionally robust, including 120 reports and dashboards within Salesforce. You’re not limited, however, to these out-of-the-box analytics. There are also some reporting templates that are easy to copy or add as modules to the dashboards.

Another powerful advantage of this package is that the backend makes it easy for systems administrators to configure it within Salesforce in a way that aligns it with your call center’s processing and routing logic.

Some of the program’s cool capabilities include:

  • Text-to-Speech

This technology converts the written word into speech. You can even customize the message, for example, by inserting an individual’s first name. It’s a handy device to use when leaving messages.

  • SMS, Emails and Chatter

The phone is no longer the sole communication device of inside salespeople. They also use text, emails and chat. So it’s great that this tool supports communication via all of these channels by making it easy to send emails and texts or post to chat based on your preferences.

  • Zoiper Softphone Dialer

Zoiper is a softphone, also known as a digital phone, designed to work with VoIP communication systems. The advantage of using a softphone with a headset is that it reduces equipment costs and enables reps to do everything from one device.

It includes features such as:

  • Click-to-dial that can be integrated into customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, such as Salesforce.
  • Encryption
  • Call forwarding
  • Call recording
  • Call history
  • Contact management
  • Communication via audio, video and instant messaging
  • Importing contacts from a variety of sources and displaying them in a combined list
  • Caller ID — when a call comes in, Zoiper looks it up and tells you who is calling

While some companies find the initial installations challenging, it’s easy to use once it’s been set up. Plus, you can install it on any device irrespective of its operating system.

  • InsideView for Market Intelligence

Armed with market intelligence, your reps can achieve better results more rapidly. InsideView market intelligence software will give you data on markets, companies and their employees. It enables you to approach the right prospects and to be prepared for relevant conversations. Plus, by setting up a Watchlist, you can stay up-to-date on the latest news and changes at target accounts and customers. You’ll be informed about press releases, stock performance and more. Finally, because it integrates easily with, your reps can do everything in one place.

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Research Tool

Another excellent sales research tool is LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It enables reps to gather information quickly on companies within the industries they’re targeting. Sales Navigator helps salespeople hone in on key accounts and relevant decision makers. A rep can create a list based on specific filters (industry, company size, title, etc.). They can then review it and save the appropriate people as “leads.” Sales Navigator will keep your reps informed on updates from these leads even if they’re not connected. The Team Edition allows importing and syncing from Salesforce.

  • Act-On Marketing Automation

If you want to conquer your data organization and put repetitive tasks on cruise control, Act-On can help you. It’ll enable you to structure your data in a central database and provide information on how your customers, prospects and leads are interacting with your business.

Marketing automation goes much further than automating your email marketing campaigns. You’ll be able to coordinate, measure and optimize all your phone, email, direct mail and social media campaigns.

There are, of course, several other good options for marketing automation, including Marketo. Act-On, however, is the most cost-effective solution. Yet it’s easy to use and includes some advanced features such as A/B testing, segmentation and lead scoring. Also, as with the previous couple of tools mentioned, it’s designed to work with

Today, there’s something on the market for everyone. Apps include, for instance, a power dialer that ensures maximum efficiency when making calls, a complete phone system on your computer packed with a bevy of analytics and a softphone dialer with all the bells and whistles. Plus, there are solutions you can pair with that help you gather intelligence and automate your marketing tasks.

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