Are Weak B2B Telemarketing Agents Stifling Your Sales?

Are Weak B2B Telemarketing Agents Stifling Your Sales?

6 Signs Your Telemarketing Agents May Be Handicapped

What should you look for to determine whether your telemarketing agents may have trouble putting the company’s best foot forward?

  1. Agents are not highly trained and college-educated. It’s essential that the people representing your company be intelligent and informed enough to converse ad-hoc with high-level managers and executives without relying on scripts. Without this ability, they are unlikely to ask the right questions.
    This is critical because the telemarketing agent’s job is not so much to talk as it is to elicit responses from the prospect that give insight into how to help them. Once the agent truly understands the prospect’s needs, they can respond to their concerns, and set up a field sales call or a tailored plan for nurturing the lead.

  2. Agents are working in multiple industries, so they’re unable to develop an in-depth knowledge of one industry. Industry knowledge is necessary for free-flowing conversations.  Executives want to be able to talk peer-to-peer and learn from the conversation.  They have no patience for someone reading from a script. If they want to read, they’ll do it themselves.

  3. They're not listening. The ability to listen goes hand-in-hand with education and industry experience.  It’s much easier to listen when you know what to listen for, are confident, and are not worried about what to say next.  If an agent knows her stuff, she will allow the prospect plenty of time to talk, jotting down notes as they are talking so she knows exactly what to follow up on—rather than interrupting the conversation.

  4. There is no project manager overseeing the agents’ work and mentoring the agents.

  5. Agents are not talking in their native tongue. We’ve all suffered through stilted conversations with telemarketers who have thick accents. Although they should be credited for talking our language often much better than we speak theirs, it still does not make for an easy conversation.

  6. Your teleservices agency doesn’t assign dedicated agents to each clientThis holds agents back because they are unable to become thoroughly immersed in your company, products and services.

Overall, you must ensure that telemarketing agents are experienced and intelligent enough to communicate your marketing messaging effectively; explain complex products; and are mentally agile enough to address any objections the buyer presents. They are also able to take a consultative approach and drive results. So don’t cut corners with the people who represent your brand.

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