New Year’s Resolutions That Help With B2B Appointment Setting

New Year’s Resolutions That Help With B2B Appointment Setting

I Will Be an Expert

When you know your products, services and industry inside out, you can converse fluently with prospects. You’re able to share your knowledge and help them discover the best way to solve their problems, helping to put the puzzle pieces together.

I Have 2 Ears and 1 Mouth.  I Will Use Them Proportionately.

Unlike telemarketers who sell to consumers, who launch into their breathless sales pitch as soon as you pick up the phone, your primary job is to listen. That’s because listening leads to learning and understanding. If your goal is just to read the words from a script and convey a one-size-fits-all message, you will lose the interest of educated, time-pressed, goal-oriented prospects.

I Will Be Consultative

There’s a reason for all that listening and learning.  It’s a prerequisite for consulting with a prospect to help them solve a problem or exploit an opportunity.

I Will Respect the Gatekeeper

The gatekeeper is holding the keys to the prospect’s door.  Your job is not to push by them, but to befriend them. They’re just doing their job when they slow your progress, but treat them right and they can help you.

I Will Persist

The prize of successful business-to-business appointment setting often goes to the person who persists against all odds in trying to reach prospects. The person who fails is frequently the one who quits right before he was about to succeed. Keep trying and you’ll be surprised how many people actually thank you for your persistence.

All My Appointments Will Be Qualified

Before you set any appointments qualify them. Fully assess a prospect’s Budget, Authority, Needs, Timing and the Solution to their problem (BANTS) before scheduling an appointment.

I Will Only Talk to People Who Speak My Native Language

In order to assure the best experience for the prospect, you should only talk to people whose language you speak fluently.

I Will Insist on World-Class Processes and Systems

Doing an excellent job of setting appointments isn’t just a matter of making a call here and there. It’s a consistent program than needs to be supplemented with email nurturing, content distribution and call backs at the right time.  Since you want to build on your knowledge of the prospect each and every time you reach out to them, you need to capture that information in robust systems. They need to help you with flawless follow up programs.  So make sure you have the processes and systems that support your B2B appointment setting efforts before moving forward.

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