3 Ways to Use Telemarketing Services to Ramp Up B2B Revenues

3 Ways to Use Telemarketing Services to Ramp Up B2B Revenues
  1. Generate Targeted Leads
  2. Whether you’re pursuing a new market segment, or striving to increase share in an existing one, you know the types of companies in your target market, and the positions of the decision makers. Wouldn’t it be amazing if they were part of your database of leads?

    You could, of course, sit back and wait for these people to stumble across your white paper, download it, and leave you their contact information. But they may not find it. They may not even have time to look because they’re busy fighting the exact problem you could help them solve.

    So be proactive. Put a team of inside sales people together to call hundreds of people in your new target market every day. They can ask a few questions, engage in a conversation, and determine interest. It’s a simple process that will uncover just the type of leads you’re seeking.

  3. Qualify Leads
  4. Does it drive you crazy when your sales force doesn’t follow up on the leads you took so long to generate? According the American Marketing Association sales people only follow up on a mere 30% of the leads they receive. That’s because their definition of a lead tends to be more stringent than the marketing department’s definition. They want leads that have the budget, authority to buy, need for your solution, and urgency to make a decision.

    Why eat up your sales people’s time calling leads to qualify them, when you can put people on the phone to do the qualification work for them? Let your sales people do what they do best. Sell!

  5. Disheveled Database? Clean it Up
  6. Databases don’t do well with a set it and forget it mentality. Every lead, prospect, and client in your database is a live human being. And live human beings get laid off, change jobs, and even shut down or move their businesses.

    And, of course, there are also humans who enter the data who make human errors. Finally, there are all those processes for aggregating data which never seem to work quite the way they should. In this way a valuable treasure trove of golden leads can easily morph into a quagmire of incomplete and flawed information.

    A solution to this problem is to put staff on the phone, or hire a company that offers telemarketing services, to call your contacts. They can ferret out the correct information and update your database.

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