How to Increase Email Response Rates

How to Increase Email Response Rates

How to Take Your Email Campaigns from Okay to Awesome

  • Measure the Basics
  • There are a few key measurements that give you quick insights into how well your email marketing campaign is working. Take a look at:

    • Delivery rates — what percentage of your emails are delivered?
    • The majority of deliverability problems are related to the sender’s emailing reputation. In other words, are you perceived as a spammer? So, if your emails are not reaching valid email addresses of people who’ve opted in, you need to figure out what’s weighing down your credibility.

      The other issue affecting deliverability is bounce rates — emails that aren’t delivered because email addresses have changed. As people move around in the business world, they shed their email addresses at rapid speed. If you email infrequently, you’re more likely to have a high bounce rate because you have less opportunity to eliminate undeliverable addresses from your list.

      So, make sure you email on a regular schedule and take advantage of every email campaign to improve your list. Simply set up rules to remove bounced emails.

    • Open rates — what percentage of the emails are opened?
    • When you look at open rates, you’re getting a read on your contact’s split-second evaluation of your “from” and “subject” line as well as the email’s timing. Check out the subject-line research to bolster your results.

      Click throughs — what percentage of readers click through to your landing page? There are a lot of variables that influence the click throughs: the offer, the number of links, whether or not the copywriting is compelling, the design and more.

  • Optimize Campaigns With A/B Testing
  • With so many variables how do you know what’s working? It takes a series of tests. Take your best performing emails (controls) and test them with alternative subject lines, at different times of the day, with varying designs and more.

    The key to success with A/B testing is only to test one thing at a time. For example, if you’re testing different subject lines, make sure you split your list and send the emails at the same time rather than sending the control email one week and the test email the next week.

  • Increase Conversions With Personalization
  • Segment your list and personalize messages based on their needs and interests. Segmentation enables you to send fewer, more-targeted messages to each person on your list and increase response rates.

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