5 Ways to Grow Your Business with Salesforce.com

5 Ways to Grow Your Business with Salesforce.com
  1. Set Up Reminders
  2. Salesforce can act as a personal assistant for each and every employee, reminding them of important engagements with prospects and clients, as well as other tasks they need to stay on top of in order to provide excellent service. Associates can set up their own reminders, and their managers can assign specific tasks to them. 

    Because all reminders, new and old, appear in the reminder window when a user logs into Salesforce, there’s no excuse for forgetting a “to do,” assuring that critical tasks don’t slip through the cracks.

  3. Create Email Templates
  4. There’s no reason your associates should be struggling for words when they send a follow-up email after a phone call. Nor should they need to copy and paste from an old email. If you set up email templates, they can access what they need with a couple of clicks. What makes this even better is that you can use merge fields in the email that allow you to customize the template so it feels like a personal communication.

  5. Capture Web Leads
  6. You probably want to capture leads from your website. If so, you can use Salesforce’s web-to-lead form. When someone enters their information in a web-form, Salesforce automatically creates a new lead, putting an end to manual data entry errors, as well as time delays in lead generation. You can associate the lead with a campaign and set it up to receive an automatic email response.

  7. Track Leads
  8. Salesforce can help you understand the status of every lead. You can determine if a lead is open (has not yet been contacted), or is being worked (a sales associate has contacted them). You’ll also see when a lead is closed. This happens when they’ve purchased from you and become a “contact” or an “account.” Another possibility is that they haven’t bought your product, service or solution, and probably will not do so in your established timeframe. With lead tracking, you’ll be able to monitor every step along the way from lead creation to sales conversion.

  9. Create At-a-Glance Dashboards of Your Sales Pipeline
  10. There’s no need to be crunching numbers to figure out what’s in your sales pipeline because you create dashboards in Salesforce that tell the whole story. Dashboards facilitate sales and marketing alignment as well as the ability to identify potential weaknesses in your pipeline. Perhaps you’re having difficulty with lead generation. Or, maybe your sales force isn’t converting leads to sales. Discover the problem areas and address them.

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