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In his newly debuting book, “The Human Brand,” Chris Malone and Susan Fiske talk about how human beings developed the split-second ability to judge people on their intentions and capabilities. It was a matter of survival for our ancestors. Today they write, we still judge people based on “these same two categories of social perception, which are known as warmth and competence.”

When someone exhibits both qualities, trust develops. If warmth is lacking, suspicions and envy take over. If competence is not evident, we feel sympathetic. In the worst case, when someone is neither warm nor capable, there’s little chance for a budding relationship.

The research presented in this book goes beyond the human-to-human relationship to the human-to-brand relationship. We judge brands by their warmth and competence too. Those perceived to have both attributes are more likely to develop deep, enduring relationships with their customers.

Now that’s something to aspire to.

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Outsourcing marketing tasks is a trend that’s here to stay. There are many reasons for this, including:

  • Change in Marketing Functions

  • Because of the influence of technology and the web, marketing functions are changing more rapidly than ever before. It’s hard for an internal team to keep up with the shifting environment as well as their business and the markets it serves.

  • Today’s Integrated Marketing Requires Diverse Skill Sets

  • You need high-level leaders to craft your marketing strategy and guide its implementation. Also, executing digital marketing requires an array of specialists. These include web designers and developers, content and copywriters, graphic designers and videographers. In addition, you may need gurus of social media marketing, marketing automation, conversion optimization, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, digital display advertising, email marketing and more.

    And digital is only part of the marketing equation. For B2B marketing, you have to add the human touch. For this, you’ll need trade show and conference organizers and inside sales people or telemarketers. 

    in-house talent may not offer all the skills and expertise they need.

    This problem, however, doesn’t mean marketers should reshape strategies to reflect their internal capabilities. The opposite is true. They should design marketing strategies that promise to produce the highest growth, then determine how to implement them with company associates and external resources.

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