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Friday, 06 December 2013 13:11

How to Warm Up Frosty Leads

Do you struggle to generate qualified leads? Most companies do. While we all would love to have 100% of our leads red hot and ready to turn into sales immediately, most need a little thawing out. Thus, we often find that spending more time lead nurturing is the key to lead qualification.

In fact, if your company is like most, 50% of your leads will need additional nurture. That doesn’t mean that they are bad leads—just a little cold. Research has shown that on average, 70% of these not-ready-yet leads will eventually buy from you…or your competitor.

That brings me to the “Leads Left on the Table Equation”:

50% of leads need nurturing x 70% will eventually buy from you or a competitor = 35% of leads left on the table for the competitor if you don’t nurture them.


Who would you prefer them to buy from…your company or your competition? The truth is that most companies cannot afford to risk losing this much sales potential.

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Have you seen what’s on your sales people’s holiday wish list? What do they really want from marketing? I took a peek. In big bold letters it said: LEAD QUALIFICATION.

You don’t want to be a marketing Grinch, but you can’t take a quick trip to the department store and buy your sales people what they want. So what should you do?

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