Written by: Jeff Kalter

"What is business-to-business (B2B) telemarketing?" The answer might seem obvious: annoying call center agents randomly calling people with their sales pitches. We've all received those calls where the caller robotically recites a script, hardly breathing so you can't say a word.

But that's not a good way for businesses to gain new customers, let alone build good will in the market.

So, the better question is: What is effective B2B telemarketing?

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Written by: Wolfram van Wezel

Reach and Qualify More Leads by Responding Faster

Are you disappointed with your results from online marketing? You’re attracting web visitorswith appetizing content, and they’re filling in your forms. But you’re having a hard time reaching and qualifying them.

You’re not alone. 78% of business-to-business marketing leaders say generating qualified leads is their most challenging task.

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