A strategic overview of B2B database tools and how to best use them

The success of any B2B sales strategy largely depends on the strength of a company’s database. That’s because when you know essential details about your leads, you have a better chance of engaging them. And when you engage leads, they’re more likely to convert, which means more customers, sales, and revenue.

Since it’s time-consuming to collect high-quality data internally, many businesses turn to B2B database software to help them find key data and contact information for existing and potential leads. The best database tools help you find qualified leads, enrich your current lead database, and integrate with your CRM.

Making the right software choice ensures bad data doesn’t enter your database and your sales team doesn’t waste time on ineffective sales pitches.

What is a B2B Database?

A B2B database is a log of your sales and marketing team’s data about potential customers and clients. Good B2B databases always include complete business contact data, but to be truly effective sales tools, they must also be more than a list of leads, phone numbers, and email addresses and include a lead’s:

  • Industry
  • Geographic location
  • Company size
  • Performance information
  • Whether the contact is a decision maker

There are dozens of B2B database tools for sales and marketing teams to use. Which one you choose depends on our selling process and the products or services you sell.

Let’s look at some of the top B2B database tools available to help you gather lead information and build sales.


ZoomInfo is an SaaS company providing detailed information on millions of business professionals and the companies they work for. The cloud-based B2B intelligence tool helps you identify companies that are a good fit for your product or service, helping you understand a lead’s needs and challenges based on intent data and industry insights. You can target businesses who visit your website in real time and use the software’s filtering tools to identify passive candidates and connect with them.


Lead generation software designed to help businesses of all sizes, UpLead lets your sales team build customizable B2B lists and:

  • Configure criteria for lead qualification
  • Access and verify emails
  • Engage with prospects in real-time to improve lead conversion

You can also use the tool to pre-qualify leads, create contact lists that include or exclude businesses using a specific technology, and upload a list of company names, emails, and URLs.

As to integration, UpLead provides an API that allows you to integrate the software with popular third-party apps like Salesforce, Zapier, Salesforce, HubSpot, Reply, and more. Sales and marketing teams can also use UpLead as a Google Chrome extension to visit business websites or LinkedIn accounts to capture company and prospect information.


As all good sales reps know, B2B engagement is based on trust. Lusha helps your business establish mutually beneficial connections with leads and contacts while helping you enrich and verify business profiles. Lusha is used by both SMBs and large enterprises like Google, Salesforce, Apple, and Amazon.

The Lusha Customer Relationship Management application integrates with tools like Salesforce, Zoho, Zendesk, and HubSpot and allows you to save LinkedIn contact directly to your CRM.


Some of today’s largest organizations, including Google, Adobe, and Morgan Stanley, trust RocketReach to power their sales and marketing teams. The platform helps brands bolster their sales efforts by

  • Automating the lead generation process.
  • Combining the best elements of email marketing with innovative digital tools to increase engagement at scale.

RocketReach compiles leads by aggregating data from over 100 public databases including phone directories, social networks, and government listings. The company claims to have the world’s largest database of verified emails and phone numbers, including decision-makers at major corporations, startups, and more.


Cognism for Salesforce provides your sales and marketing team with high-quality, globally compliant B2B contact data that:

  • Includes a database of 400 million global business profiles and 10 million companies.
  • Helps you target over 160,000 companies that use Salesforce.
  • When integrated with Salesforce helps you generate leads based on your ideal customer profiles and identify new opportunities from existing CRM records.

Cognism also eliminates the pain of manual processes and helps your teams analyze and refresh customer data directly within your CRM environment.


D&B Hoovers

Backed by Dun & Bradstreet, D&B Hoovers is a sales and marketing intelligence platform designed to deliver all the advantages you need to compete in an evolving sales environment:

  1. Capture ideal prospects from over 420 million profiles, more than 175 targeting filters, and 220 million contacts, each with email, title, and location.
  2. Harness opportune moments with data on buyer intent, real-time opportunity triggers, and automated email notifications.
  3. Reach untapped customers thanks to verified contact emails, social platforms, and direct dials.

The sales acceleration solution also features CRM integration, including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365, and marketing integrations, including HubSpot and Marketo.


Most sales teams spend far too much time on low-value activities. LeadIQ automates the time-consuming and tedious parts of prospecting so reps can focus on activities that drive revenue. The software helps sales reps find, capture, and sequence contact data directly to your company’s sales tool with one click.

Gathered information includes everything from work and personal email addresses to social profile links and company industry, team size, and funding. The platform:

  • Provides native integration with your CRM.
  • Delivers anywhere from 150 to tens of thousands of verified contacts per month.
  • Offers a free two-week trial that includes 50 verified lead credits and Salesforce sync.


B2B businesses that use Demandbase love how it allows for increased personalization and targeting across the entire business funnel, generating more qualified leads and improving conversion rates.

The platform supports and improves account-based marketing efforts and sets itself apart from similar applications by providing a complete end-to-end solution that can be accessed and used by every member of your organization, including sales, marketing, and account management.

Used by B2B companies of all sizes, Demandbase can even the playing field for SMBs against the larger marketing budgets of enterprise companies.


B2B Database Tools Best Practices

Every B2B company wants to grow its customer database, but keep in mind that the more your database grows, the less manageable things can become. The B2B database tool you choose should adapt to your chosen sales strategies, improve the quality of your data, automate basic tasks, and prioritize your customers’ security.

To learn more about how to best use B2B data tools to put your reps on the right track, help your business win more customers, and increase your bottom line, book a consultation with 3D2B today.

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