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Outsourcing Your B2B Call Center: The Benefits and Concerns
It may feel like you have to run faster and faster to keep up on the treadmill of customer acquisition, growth and retention. To do so, you may need to establish a call center or expand an existing one. If so, should you go in-house or outsource your call center needs? To help you with this decision, I compiled a list of the benefits of outsourcing your B2B call center as well as some concerns you need to address.
27 Qualification Questions for Generating Leads Your Sales Reps Love
Do your reps faithfully follow up on the leads you generate? If you’re like most marketers, the sad answer is likely a “no.” Why do I say that? Because research shows that salespeople pass over 80% of marketing leads. You can overcome this with a carrot, not a stick. In other words, you won’t get far by berating salespeople for their lack of follow-up. Instead, it’s better to provide leads they can’t wait to chase down. Sounds good, you say, but how? Well, you’ve heard it before, salespeople want leads that have the money and the authority to make a purchase, are looking for a solution to the problem that your product or service solves, and want to take action within the foreseeable future. But how do you ferret out leads that meet these criteria? It’s not as simple as directly asking someone, for instance, “Do you have the budget…
5 Steps to Conquering Sales and Marketing Alignment
Untitled Document Research shows that businesses that reach or surmount their revenue goals are more aligned on sales and marketing than those that fail to meet their objectives. And although we’ve heard the mantra about the importance of aligning sales and marketing for years, in many companies this vision remains elusive. Why? Because it’s easier said than done. Without purposeful intervention, sales and marketing teams will continue to march to a different beat. To ensure alignment, you have to put mechanisms in place to point the sales and marketing teams in the same direction. To do so, you can implement some of these initiatives:

Preparing for Kickass B2B Sales in 2019

Written by Friday, 23 November 2018 00:00
Preparing for Kickass B2B Sales in 2019
Since positive economic cycles like the one we’re in now don’t last forever, it’s time to make hay while the sun shines and plan for an awesome sales year in 2019. Planning and preparation, however, takes time. So you cannot afford to wait until the New Year rings in to create your sales and marketing strategy and devise your tactics. To make 2019 strong and as panic-free as possible, plan how you will generate sales and start building your pipeline NOW.
Call Center Apps that Boost  Productivity and Performance
The experts estimate that integrating computer technology with telephone interactions can increase efficiency by 15 percent. For the average rep, that gives them an extra hour a day to sell. With that in mind, here are some of the apps that can help your reps make more phone calls and achieve better results.
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