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Delight Your Customers with an Omni-Channel Contact Center
Not long ago, enabling customers to contact your business through multiple channels — voice, email, web forms, fax, chat and text messages — was on the cutting edge. In this way, customers were empowered to start conversations with companies through whichever communication means worked best for them. While companies pursing a multi-channel strategy had taken a giant step in the right direction, it turned out that they had not gone far enough. Unfortunately, each channel tended to operate in isolation, and because customers use multiple channels, that’s a problem. For instance, customers may start a conversation on chat, then call to talk with a live human being. When channels operate in silos, customers may need to repeat information they’ve already relayed, leading to disjointed and frustrating customer experiences.

How to Evaluate a B2B Telemarketing Vendor

Written by Tuesday, 19 March 2019 00:00
How to Evaluate a B2B Telemarketing Vendor
Imagine your company was suffering from a lack of sales appointments and your sales people were unproductive. It would be easy to overreact and look for a B2B telemarketing vendor that could solve the problem immediately. However, you’re better off pausing to evaluate the situation holistically rather than rushing to find a one-time fix. That’s because your company may have several needs that a B2B telemarketing vendor can fulfill. So it pays to take the time to unearth a company that can take care of all your requirements and, thus, become your long-term sales and marketing partner. Here’s how to do that.
5 Tips to Take Your Business Development Team from Good to Great
Business developers are like the farmers who plow the fields, then plant and nurture the seeds, thus creating opportunities for growth. When the time is right, the salespeople reap the harvest. Therefore, business development is essential to the future of your company. You want your team to perform at their full potential. Here are some tips to increase the success of your business development team.

8 Tips to Rev Up Your B2B Appointment Setting Process

Written by Wednesday, 20 February 2019 00:00
8 Tips to Rev Up Your B2B Appointment Setting Process
Is a lack of appointments putting your company’s growth on hold? Because B2B appointment setting is a challenging task, it’s an all-too-common problem. Here are some tips to help you increase your sales appointments.
Inside Sales Compensation Plans for Long-Term Revenue Generation
Customer Acquisition or Retention? When it comes to inside sales compensation plans, many companies fall into the trap of focusing squarely on customer acquisition. When they do so, however, customer retention may suffer. Because the cost of keeping a customer is one-fifth the cost of acquiring one, deciding whether to direct your efforts toward acquisition or retention is essential. In most cases, a business is more likely to shore up its long-term health by retaining and growing current customers. Thus, if their inside sales compensation plans prioritize customer retention, they are more likely to be successful. Let’s look at how two companies have addressed sales to existing customers in their compensation plans.
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