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How to Segment Your Market and Increase B2B Conversions by 355%
Do you want to increase your conversion rates by 355%? Of course you do. What’s the secret? Well, according to a study by Jupiter Research, companies that segment their databases increase their conversion rates on average by 355%. It makes sense. Since your prospects and clients don’t all have the same problems and needs, you can’t expect a broad message to appeal to your entire database. To create a robust, successful marketing campaign you need to provide content and messaging that’s relevant. You need to segment your list so you can, for example, send targeted emails and structure tailored telemarketing programs. Getting Over the Initial Hurdle You’d think all business managers would be clamoring to slice and dice their list into micro-segments for marketing campaigns. But they’re not doing this! The same Jupiter Research study found that only 11% of companies are using a segmentation strategy. Why are 89% of…

4 Steps to Rock Solid Marketing Lists

Written by Thursday, 09 October 2014 00:00
4 Steps to Rock Solid Marketing Lists
Preparation Precedes Performance The saying “today’s preparation determines tomorrow’s achievement” certainly applies to the creation and maintenance of marketing lists. After all, if you rush into a marketing campaign without cleaning up your list and collecting critical data first, you end up wasting time chasing duplicate leads, trying to reach contacts that are no longer in the company or looking for incomplete information in the midst of a campaign. It’s like putting your revenues through the paper shredder. To achieve a successful marketing campaign, you need to purge duplicate leads and ensure your list has complete, accurate data so you can reach your targets easily and with the right message. The 4 Steps to Success Take these four steps and get all the information you need at your fingertips for successful marketing campaigns.